AGRA Industries is a global leader in innovative material handling, drying, and bulk storage solutions. Our team serves the seed, feed, sand mining, wood pellet/biomass, and bio-based fuel industries. We are known for practical engineering, robust equipment, quick turnaround times, and our commitment to safety. 

AGRA Industries, Merrill, WI


AGRA Industries, Inc. offers design, fabrication, equipment supply, and construction to our niche industrial agricultural markets of the feed, seed, grain, and biofuels industries. This expertise includes complete new turnkey processes such as feed mills, seed processing plants, grain handling and storage facilities, and biofuel and biochemical plants.

AGRA manufactures a complete line of bolt-together bin systems, rack and pinion gates, seed corn dryers, husk choppers, bag splitters, seed quality GEN-EL® “continuous cup” bucket elevators, belt conveyors, vibratory conveyors, catwalks and towers, and our exclusive patent pending vertical tank design for field-erected process and storage tanks. Our engineering and manufacturing facilities enable us to offer comprehensive design, quality steel fabrication, and construction of completely new facilities or remodeling of existing facilities.

With AGRA’s combined resources, we are meeting customers’ needs with the goal of ensuring efficiency and profitability. Our convenient Midwest location in central Wisconsin has no geographic boundaries, making AGRA your steel fabricator and general contractor of choice. AGRA can offer any customer high-quality project options, cost-effective solutions, and complete satisfaction.

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AGRA’s core business has evolved with itscomplete emphasis on niche industrial agriculture markets with an expertise in steel fabrication and construction going back to the early ‘60s. This mix of equipment manufacturing and construction know-how, along with stringent construction safety procedures, has allowed AGRA to become a premier general contractor and equipment supplier to the feed, seed, grain, and biofuels industries.


1962 – Founded by Roger W. Hinner, Merrill Iron & Steel, Inc. started in a small facility on Tannery Road in Merrill, WI. Detailing, manufacturing, and installing steel steps (fire escapes), tanks, and feed mill storage facilities were all part of the initial sales efforts.

1975 – Roger constructed a manufacturing facility located at 1211 West Water Street in Merrill, WI. The company, Merrill Iron & Steel, expanded to include two main lines of business. One line of business was focused exclusively on structural steel fabrication, and the other consisted of products manufactured for use in the agriculture industry.

1976 – Roger’s two sons, Pat Hinner and Bob Hinner, managed and expanded the agricultural business, increasing the product line to include the construction of complete seed plants and seed plant components such as: corn dryers, choppers, conveying systems, bulk storage units, conditioning towers, and other related areas.

1989 – Pat Hinner was appointed manager of the agriculture division.

1994 – The Hinner family purchased a manufacturing facility in Schofield, WI, resulting in the two divisions being physically split, with the structural division based in Schofield and the agricultural division based in Merrill, WI.

1998 – Roger W. Hinner retired allowing Pat and Bob Hinner to exclusively purchase the agricultural division of Merrill Iron & Steel. AGRA Construction, Co. was formed.

2001 – AGRA Industries, Inc. was formed. (Hereinafter jointly referred to as the “Company”) The Company is the parent company of: Merrill Fab, Inc. and AGRA Construction Company, Inc.

2006 – AGRA Industries, Inc. expanded fabrication capabilities and engineering capabilities adding 25,000 sq. ft of fabrication area and 2,500 sq. ft. of office space for engineering and detailing to its Merrill, WI Corporate Office and Manufacturing Facility.

2007 – AGRA applies for patent on new tank design and erection process.

2012 – AGRA’s fabrication division, Merrill Fab, receives AISC Certification.


At AGRA, safety always comes first. We strive for the highest safety standards on our projects, and we demand careful attention to all company operations by those directly or indirectly involved. Our safety program has been developed to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local regulations, with particular emphasis on Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSHA) and OSHA requirements that apply to our construction operations.

Our corporate safety director makes regular site visits. On-site orientations are conducted for all new contractors and workers. Weekly site walkthroughs are performed, and audits are prepared and distributed to all AGRA foreman and subcontractors. When the corporate safety director is not onsite, this will be done by the AGRA Construction site superintendent or foreman.

When the owner’s scope of supply requires it, a full-time safety person will be onsite during all working hours. When this is not a requirement, the AGRA Construction site superintendent or foreman will oversee safety on the site.




AGRA Industries
1211 W. Water Street
Merrill, WI 54452


Business Hours

Monday - Friday
7:00 AM - 5: 00 PM

8:00 AM-12:00 PM

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